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Because travelling and cycling go hand in hand, even when you don’t have your own bicycle with you.

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As a cyclist, you are used to going everywhere by bike. As a traveller, however, you know you can’t always bring your bike wherever you go. Find someone here who will let you discover their city on their bike: enter your destination and get in touch.

Meet people

Obviously, people who lend their bike to a travelling stranger are awesome. Don’t miss out on meeting these wonderful welldoers: get to know a fellow cyclist and don’t forget to ask them for the best places in town! Maybe you can even join them for a local event or a drink in their favourite pub.

Enjoy cycling

Go wherever you like, whenever you like. If you’re sick of being dependent on public transport, tired feet or expensive taxis, BikeSharing has the perfect solution. Don’t miss out on the hotspots of your destination: just find a bike and go.

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